Colin Kapernick — Where does Kap fit? Is he being blackballed?

The Colin Kapernick situation is a complex issue. There are societal issues at hand, football ability, potential issues of blackballing, and a whole litany of other things thrown into the mix. With Jay Cutler being signed in Miami over Kap, we look at the Dolphins decision to bring in Cutty over Kap, as well as giving you a list of teams that Kaepernick would be an ideal fit on.

Finally we end with breaking down the societal issues that Kapernick stands against, and if this is the main reason he doesn’t have a job. Do the rich owners not like what he did, or are they just simiply too weak and cowardly to handle the media frenzy and potential upset fans that would potentially ensue.

Watch below and give us your thoughts on this complex issue.



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